My name is Hamed. I was born and grew up in Iran, but have been living in Dublin, Ireland since 2013. I am a Free Software enthusiast. Currently, I’m working at I’m interested in the following topics:

  • Functional programming
  • Distributed databases (e.g. HBase and Cassandra)
  • Distributed search engines (e.g. Apache Solr and Elastic search)
  • Algorithm Design and PL
  • Designing REST APIs
  • Building scalable systems
  • Machine Learning and NLP

Free and Open source Projects/Contributions

  • Nerdnews is a Free and Open source social news network
  • rbootstrap is RTL Twitter Bootstrap for RTL languages
  • TextCaptcha is a Text Captcha API for the Persian language
  • Wikipedia contributor
  • and here’s my GitHub page


  • Please feel free to drop me an email at alt text

  • I’m occasionally online on IRC as hamed_r on